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The Best Nighttime Fat Burner: Review + Guide for 2020

The Best Nighttime Fat Burner: Review + Guide for 2020

Fat burning supplements ignite a hot debate in the fitness and wellness world. There are so many weight loss products flooded on the market, lots of advice as well as misinformation. Today, most people are going for the best nighttime fat burner supplements to help them stay in shape. When it comes to night time weight loss, getting enough sleep is a simple yet effective practice for better results. 

However, the big question is, do night time fat burners work? Keep reading this article to get more insight on the best nighttime fat burner and which brands and products to pay attention to. 

Cortisol and weight gain: is there a link between? 

Cortisol is a stress hormone. It raises the sugar level in the blood and makes your brain use up more glucose. When cortisol levels upsurge, your body cells become resilient to insulin. This, in turn, causes a rise in blood sugar level; thus, weight gain is inevitable. It may also bring about Type 2 Diabetes.                 

Nighttime fat burners efficacy: what science says?                

There are supplements with ingredients with scientifically proven weight loss benefits such as inhibiting carbohydrates absorption, enhancing body metabolism, etc. Conversely, PM fat burners have weight loss benefits derived from sleep. It is crucial to have enough night sleep for effective weight loss. A study in the research journal ‘Obesity’ revealed poor sleeping habits reduced leptin, a hormone that regulates body fat usage. Inadequate sleep interferes with the sugar breakdown process, causing an increase in blood sugar level and weight gain.  

Nighttime fat burner benefits

Its main benefit is to help you burn more calories and cut down weight while you sleep. Nonetheless, here are some other benefits of using nighttime fat burner:                  

  • Encourages a deep sleep cycle: It’s no doubt that having a good night sleep can help relieve stress significantly. Most nighttime fat burner supplements available contain melatonin, which is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. Inadequate sleep may lead to a slower metabolism, which in turn causes a significant gain in weight.           
  • Cortisol reduction: As mentioned before, cortisol is a stress hormone produced in the adrenal glands. Cortisol is an essential hormone, yet at high levels, it can be a nightmare. High levels of cortisol in your body can bring about weight gain, flushed face, acne, round face, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, severe fatigue. Cortisol should be maintained at low levels.              
  • Enhance growth hormones: Some night fat burner supplements have ingredients that help in muscle recovery by raising testosterone and growth hormone levels. 
  • Thermogenic effects: Another method to cut down weight without physical activity is by thermogenic, metabolic effects. This means burning more calories to increase body temperature. Weight loss is speedily achieved through this process.

Ingredients to look for 

When buying a nighttime fat burner, you have to consider some factors like price, brand, side effects, etc. However, for effective use and faster results, you have to dig deeper into the ingredients used. Nighttime fat burner supplements have several elements; some are vital, yet others can be harmful. Here is a table summary of what to look for in a nighttime fat burner.

For sleepL-theanineNatural relaxer (amino acid)

L-tryptophanProduce protein (amino acid)

MagnesiumRegulate blood sugar and blood pressure

MelatoninRegulates sleep cycles

GABASlows the body for rest
For weight lossEGCGHelps in weight loss

Alpha-GPCBoosts body oxidation process

L-CarnitineEnhance weight loss process (amino acid)

White Kidney Bean ExtractBlocks amylase production

Green Coffee Bean ExtractAids in the reduction of fat mass

Ingredients to avoid                

A good nighttime fat burner should not hinder you from getting a good night’s sleep. Some of these supplements have elements that may not be safe and healthy for use. Ingredients to keep off include:

  • Naringin
  • Caffeine
  • Hordenine
  • Ephedrine
  • DHEA

Best nighttime fat burner FAQ

What is the best nighttime fat burner?

There are several nighttime fat burner supplements on the market today. Some recommended for men, others for women, different ingredients, and different brands. Check out this article on the best nighttime fat burner reviews.

How can I reduce weight more quickly?

The secret is to create a calorie deficit every day. Set a personal goal of the amount of calorie deficit you want to make. Engage in a physical workout, have a high protein diet, get enough sleep, eat more fiber, and avoid refined carbohydrates.

Do night time weight loss pills work?

There are lots of advice and misinformation concerning night time weight loss pills. Yes, weight loss pills work to help you cut down bodyweight. Several studies conducted have proved that those who took weight loss pill consistently lost a significant amount of weight.

Do nighttime fat burner supplements have side effects?

Some ingredients used to manufacture nighttime fat burner may have some mild side effects. The most commonly experience side effects are headache, nausea, and fatigue.         

Nighttime fat burners dosage

These products vary depending on manufacturers. Their dosage also differs depending on the ingredients used. Different supplements have different ingredients in different quantities.

When to take nighttime fat burner?

The right to take your supplement is after your last meal, probably about 3 hours before you turn in. Then sleep for about 8 hours. This is enough time to have your digested and working in your body.             

How long does nighttime fat burner take to work?

It takes about seven to eight hours after intake.                


If you are looking to shed some weight as you rest at night, consider taking a nighttime fat burner. These supplements have incredible benefits as far as weight loss is concerned. Reading through this article gives you more insight into the best nighttime fat burner, factors to consider when buying one, and the benefits of taking. To add on supplements, we advise combining with a few workouts for better and faster results. 

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