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The Best Men’s Underwear to Prevent Chafing

The Best Men’s Underwear to Prevent Chafing

Chafing is the painful outcome of skin on skin rubbing or skin on clothing rubbing. It is a common experience for people who like exercising and overweight individuals. It does not affect your thighs only but any other sweaty part of your body. It also affects other parts of the body, like the groin, underarms, and nipples. It should not hinder you from going about your activities because it has a solution. There are attires that you can wear to prevent skin friction. For men, there is the best men’s underwear to prevent chafing. Once you figure out a solution for skin rubbing, the redness and blistering will clear up. This article will tell you more about the best men’s underwear to prevent chafing.

What causes chafing?  

It comes about by skin to skin friction. It mostly occurs in the inner thighs of women who wear skirts or dresses. It’s a result of constant rubbing from lack of a barrier. The friction from clothing and undergarments also causes rubbing between legs. Men, too, suffer from skin friction. They experience rubbing, and most of them wear non-chafing underwear to protect themselves. Several things can cause chafing e.g.

  • Wet skin and moisture trapped in skin folds.
  • Sweat after working out, running, or a long walk.
  • Wearing clothes that do not absorb moisture.
  • Too much heat.
  • If there is no lining between the cloth and your skin.

Choosing the best men’s underwear to prevent chafing 

There are different factors to consider when choosing the best underwear for chafing or anti-chafing underwear. You can check out men’s underwear to prevent chafing reviews to decide on the best. You can consider the type, the fabric used to manufacture and, the fitting.



Boxers are the best underwear to prevent rubbing. They work more nicely than briefs. However, you should ensure that the boxers are well-fitting to prevent them from bunching between your legs. Bunching can create an environment for chafing.


Briefs are not the best underwear to prevent chafing. If you must wear your briefs, get yourself anti-chafing leg bands to prevent thigh rubbing.

Boxer briefs 

On the other hand, boxer briefs are best in preventing chafing as opposed to the briefs. They are close to the body and are long enough covering the inner thighs. 


When you choose underwear that prevents chafing, consider the material used for manufacturing. The fabric should be moisture-wicking. Such materials as polyamide, polyester, and nylon work well. Such fabrics dry faster when you sweat as compared to pure cotton. The fabric should also be able to stretch to keep it in place.

Size & Fit 

Size and fit are crucial when buying your garments. If it fits tightly, it will cause rubbing and sore, and if it’s over-sized, you will not be comfortable.

Waistbands & Seams  

Pick close-fitting underwear that will remain in place, particularly in the inner thigh region. That is where friction occurs most.  

Uncovered waistbands can sometimes roll over and move around your body, creating an added weight or excessive rubbing. More so, they make your waistline look big than actually is since they are tighter than those with covered waistbands.

So, those with covered waistbands are a perfect choice because they hold the underwear in place and do not move around the waist as much as uncovered waistbands do. 

Skin Issues            

Most men experience skin issues during hot weather. It includes rashes and skin infection in places mostly covered by the cloth. To avoid this, you should keep off some fabrics which are hash to your skin.


Picking the best men’s underwear for chafing saves you a lot of pain. Ventilation allows for air circulation, thus keeping your skin cool and dry.

How to Prevent Chafing   

Buying the right men’s underwear to prevent chafing is the sure way to go. It helps avoid skin friction and soreness. However, here are some other factors to keep in mind:

Ensure that you stay dry

Before you go out for whatever activity, ensure you apply talcum or alum powder to the sweaty areas. Wet skin makes friction worse. The powder will help keep the sweat away. You should ensure that you don’t stay in wet clothes. It would be best if you also got running underwear to prevent chafing during such activities. 

Lubricate your skin

If you are at risk of skin chafing, ensure you lubricate your skin well, especially in sweaty areas. Ensure that after oiling, you get underwear for chafing thighs. There are different types of petroleum jelly in the market that you can use. It all depends on what is suitable for you. Lubricating will help you to reduce skin friction.

Correct dressing

Synthetic fibers or anti-chafing boxers are the best for exercising outfits. When planning to exercise or do vigorous activity, dress properly. The outfit should be well-fitting and moisture-wicking. If you want to avoid thigh rubbing, go for compression shorts. Cyclists mostly wear these types of shorts. It would be best if you also avoided overdressing when having activities outside in hot weather. Ensure your clothes have a smooth seam to avoid friction.

How to Treat Chafing 

You can treat skin rub at home or seek medical attention, depending on how serious it is. Please do not ignore it because it can turn into a serious infection. Clean the affected area with water and ensure you dry it properly. After cleaning, you can apply petroleum jelly like Vaseline. In case the area is bleeding or swollen, you will need a medicated ointment for proper treatment. 


Most men put on anti-chafing underwear in summer. Check out our review on the best men’s underwear to prevent chafing 2020 here. Getting a perfect men’s underwear to prevent chafing is now easy with the aid of the above tips. You have to look at the construction and material used closely. It’s time to throw away your uncomfortable underwear and get yourself the right anti-chafing underwear. 

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